Foundations SS2.jpg

童 蒙 止 觀

tóng méng zhǐ guān

Foundations for Developing Buddhist Tranquility (Śamatha) and Insight (Vipaśyanā) Meditation

by Venerable Master Zhiyi Abbot of Xiuchan Monastery

Mt. Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, China

Recorded by Master Zhang’an Guanding

Translated and Edited from Classical Chinese into English with an Introduction and Footnotes by Venerable Zhen Guan

Foundations SS2.jpg

The July 7th 2018 ordination

Recently Venerable Zhen Guan has been working on a translation of the Foundations for Developing Buddhist Tranquility (Śamatha) and Insight (Vipaśyanā) Meditation. The resulting translation brings clarity on Śamatha and Vipaśyanā meditation practices by describing in detail the preparations, practice and obstacles one may face. These links take you to flowable Kindle and Epub versions of the text, and the original Pdf. 


ICCBCE Notes for January 27 Meeting

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Location: 1235 Kenton Dr, Monterey Park, CA.  

Participants: Victor Gabriel, Mark Ragsdale, Monica Sanford, Scott Gabel, Alan Cossitt, Luke Alan Stuard, Debra Rodgers, Venerable Guan Zhen.

Dates to keep in mind:

· 2018 Ordination Date June 24th (Applications for Ordination be sent to Venerable Guan Zhen by the end of April).

· July 4th through 8th, Annual Retreat at Guan Yin Meditation Temple in Monrovia CA. Dr.

-Victor Gabriel and Monica Sanford gave a report on the Buddhist Ministry Task Force held in Santa Fe last year... Harvard, Naropa and GTU and several small groups involved. Highlights of what they said were.

-BCA was tiring of role of only Military endorser. -The Buddhist Ministry Task Force knew about ICCBCE somehow. -The major voices in the discussion was Harvard because of the Ho foundation grant that they have, but Monica said the grant will expire soon.

-Another large Grant comes from the LUCE Foundation and she said she is not sure they will be willing to consider a Buddhist group getting the grant, but they have not specified if they have a preference either.

-The discussion then moved to Alan Cossitt and his dealings with the APC and he thought they might be meeting in Anaheim in middle of July, and he thought he would go.

-Continuing education to fulfill the APC guidelines and we discussed the nine points and goals of the UWest program matching up with those parameters.

-We talked about having our own certification program set up. In addition, we discussed having an Ethical Standards and Grievance process in place that augments our Vows for ordination. We discussed the idea of letting employers know about our grievance process for the accountability issues that may come up in the workplace. Luke mentioned that August may have a draft that can be adopted.

-There was some discussion about the finding a process for endorsing Chaplain candidates for the military.

-Discussion about the role of chanting in rituals, and how we should approach that aspect in our ritual training. Some voiced concerns of the English language not being the most pleasant for Chants.

-We ended with some discussion about having a summer robe in addition to the long robe already in use.