Venerable Master Chao Ding

Venerable Master Chao Ding is the senior advisor to ICCBCE. Master Chao Ding became a novice at the age of fourteen in Tainan, Taiwan. After his Bhikṣu (Buddhist monk) ordination in 1957, the master completed his six years of monastic training under Venerable Master Yin Shun (印順導師, 1906 – 2005 CE, is one of the most influential disciples of Venerable Master Taixu 太虛大師). Master Chao Ding has been a well-known senior Chan Master in Chinese Mahayana Buddhist community. His footprints of spreading Buddhadharma extend over many Southeast Asian countries (such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.) as well as in the United States. For years, he served as the abbot of American Bodhi Center in Houston, Texas and as a senior board member for Buddhist Association of the United States at Chuang Yen Monastery in upstate New York. The master is the abbot and founder of Kwan Yin Meditation Temple in Los Angeles.   


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Venerable Master Chuan Yin

Venerable Master Chuan Yin is a senior advisor to ICCBCE. The master was born in 1952. At age of seventeen, the master took monastic robes and received his novice trainings under Venerable Master Guang Chun (廣純上人, 1922 – 2011 CE), and then his Bhikṣu training under Venerable Master Bai Sheng (白聖上人, 1904 – 1989 CE, one of the most influential disciples of Venerable Master Yuan Ying 圓瑛大師) at Yuan Shan Lin Ji Monastery 圓山臨濟寺in Taiwan. In 1976, Master Chuan Yin went to Manila, Philippines to assist Venerable Master Guang Chun constructing Pu Ji Temple. Meanwhile, he accepted a leadership position at Seng Guan Temple in Manila. In 2005, Master Chuan Yin was elected to the board of trustees of Philippine Academy of Sakya in Manila, and, in 2007, he became the abbot of Seng Guan Temple. In August 2017, Master Chuan Yin accepted the position of abbot and president from Hua Shia Buddhist Association in Los Angeles.   


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Venerable Master Ben Xing

Venerable Master Ben Xing is the president and director of ICCBCE. The master received his full ordination as a Bhikṣu in 1988, and afterwards he took years of monastic trainings in Mahayana Buddhist tradition under Venerable Master Ming Yang (明暘上人, 1916 – 2002 CE, one of the most influential disciples of Venerable Master Yuan Ying圓瑛大師). He also received four years of trainings in Theravada tradition in Sri Lanka. The master received his BA in Buddhist Studies from Buddhist Academy of China in Beijing, China and his MA in Palī Language Studies and Early Buddhist Literatures from University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. He currently serves as the Dean of Affairs of Fujian Buddhist College, dean of Kai Yuan Buddhist Culture Academy, general secretary of Fujian Buddhist Education Foundation, and the vice president and general secretary of the Buddhist Association of Fujian province, China. The master is currently the abbot of Kai Yuan Monastery in Fuzhou city, the abbot of Liu Yuan Monastery in Xia Pu city, and the abbot of Qing Yun Monastery in Tai Ning city, China. The master is also the founder of Venerable Master Ci Hang Culture Center in Tai Ning city, and the president of Chinese Medicine Clinic of Fujian Buddhist Association in Fuzhou city, China.



Venerable Master Jing Hua

Venerable Master Jing Hua (1936 – 2017 CE) was the senior advisor and C.F.O. to ICCBCE.  She was Born in 1936 in Xiamen city, China, and became a novice in 1946. Master Jing Hua paid her first visit to Vietnam in 1947 and decided to reside in Vietnam afterwards. She was fully ordained as a bhikkhuni (Buddhist nun) in 1958, and received her four years of monastic trainings and educations for nuns in Taiwan, under two celebrated contemporary Chinese Buddhist monks Venerable Master Yin Shun’s and Venerable Master Yan Pei’s (演培上人, 1917 – 1996 CE) supervisions. In 1961, the master returned to Vietnam and founded the Inconceivable Dharma Monastery (Miao Fa Si) in Hồ Chí Minh city, which has become one of the most significant Buddhist monasteries for religious worship and practice in the city. From 1975 to 1982, she assisted Venerable Master Kuan Huang in Davao, Philippines to develop and manage Dragon Tree Monastery (Long Hua Si). She first visited the United States of America in 1979, and, in 1982, she founded Hsueh Fung Buddha Church to serve Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhist immigrants in Oakland, SF. In 1984, she founded Hua Shia Buddhist Association in LA. In 2012, she founded Venerable Kuan Huang Memorial Hall in Los Angeles and dedicated it to the education of Buddhism.



Venerable Guan Zhen

Venerable Guan Zhen is the general secretary and the director for lay ordination in the US to ICCBCE. He became a novice in 1999 and received his first year of anagārika training at Peng Long Ge Monastery and second year of sāmaṇera training at Nan Hua Monastery, the Sixth Patriarch’s monastery in Canton, China. In 2001, venerable Guan Zhen received his full ordination as a Bhikṣu, and, afterwards, he took four years of monastic trainings under his Precept Teacher Venerable Master Chuan Yin (傳印長老) in Beijing, China. Venerable Guan Zhen migrated to Los Angeles in July 2005 and served as a director and meditation instructor for Southern California Chinese Buddhist Temple for nine years. He also served for the US military chaplaincy for two and half years. Since 2012, Venerable Guan Zhen has been a volunteer Buddhist chaplain at various hospitals in Los Angeles. Venerable Guan Zhen completed his BA in Buddhist Studies from the Buddhist Academy of China in Beijing, MA in Master of Divinity in Buddhist Chaplaincy from University of the West in Los Angeles, and MA in Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in the City of New York.


Venerable Zhi Jing

Venerable Zhi Jing ( 智靜法師), elected by the Board of Trustees of ICCBCE in January 2018, is C.F.O. of the organization. The Venerable was born in 1990 and became a novice in 2004 at Kai Yuan Monastery in Fuzhou city, China. Venerable Zhi Jing subsequently received his anagārika and sāmaṇera trainings under Venerable Master Ben Xing. After two years of novice trainings, the venerable continued to serve at Kai Yuan Monastery until 2009. In 2009, Venerable Zhi Jing went on to receive his full ordination as a Bhikṣu at Xi Fang Monastery (西方寺) in Hong Kong. Venerable Master Xue Cheng is his Precept Teacher. From 2010 to 2012, Venerable Zhi Jing studied at International Buddhist College in Thailand. Venerable Zhi Jing currently serves as the guest monk for Kai Yuan Monastery, the Vice Director for International Exchange Center of Kai Yuan Monastery in Fu Zhou city, and the Vice Director for Mahayana Buddhist Study Center in Bangkok, Thailand.